TravelTaster just ate:

Where: At Sea, United Kingdom
What: Creme Brulee
At: Queen Mary2-Todd English Restaurant

Bunkycooks just ate:

Where: Highlands, United States
What: Sunbrust Trout with Micro Greens
At: Madison’s at the Old Edwards Inn and Spa

mollyb22 just ate:

Where: Koror, Palau
What: Fruit Bat Soup
At: Palau

Bethany just ate:

Where: Appleton, United States
What: Chicken Picatta
At: Wild Truffle

gigantessa just ate:

Where: Paris, France
What: Truffaud
At: Le Cantal

ducky just ate:

Where: chilmark, United States
What: pit roasted pork
At: Native Earth Teaching Farm

Nam just ate:

Where: lucknow, India
What: cake
At: hazratganj

MeWantFood! just ate:

Where: Luxor, Egypt
What: Ancient Egyptian Offering
At: Egyptian Tomb

large just ate:

Where: London, United Kingdom
What: Crispy pigs head
At: Borough Market

CiaoHound just ate:

Where: San Francisco, United States
What: Blueberry Aloe Mojito
At: Sudachi

Slow Food Araba just ate:

Where: Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain
What: Fresas al txakolĂ­ con helado de violetas
At: I Jornadas Culturales en Defensa del Patrimonio Al

Foodie just ate:

Where: Milwaukee, United States
What: Foie Gras Breakfast of Champions
At: Bacchus