What the world is eating

Blondie just ate:

Where: San Francisco, United States
What: Chocolate Mesquite Cake
At: Coi

Natasha just ate:

Where: Mumbai, India
What: Bhetki maacher patori
At: Oh Calcutta

CiaoChow just ate:

Where: San Francisco, United States
What: Dinner on the Grill
At: Home

Yummy-in-SF just ate:

Where: Montreal, Canada
What: Berries and other delights
At: Jean Talon

lneenan just ate:

Where: Fort Collins, United States
What: Peach Berry Crumble
At: Lindsay Neenan

boldlygosolo.com just ate:

Where: Martha\’s Vineyard, United States
What: Seafood grits
At: Joan\’s home

SuzyQ just ate:

Where: Tunis, Tunisia
What: Post Dessert Refreshment
At: Dar El Jeld

Pritya just ate:

Where: Jakarta, Indonesia
What: Mie Medan (Medan noodle, medan is a city in the north of Sumatra, Indonesia)
At: Mie Medan Gampang Ingat

jimsteele just ate:

Where: Eureka, United States
At: Folie Douce