2011 Hunger Challenge Day 2: Is It Over Yet?

I’m taking the San Francisco Food Bank’s Hunger Challenge for the fourth year – trying to feed my husband (the Bottomless Pit) and myself for just $4.72 each per day. Let the leftovers begin! Well, breakfast wasn’t really leftovers, just more of the same, with eggs, toast and an almond milk “latte.” Lunch, some leftover vegetarian pasta from last week that I “sold” to myself for $1, rather than letting it go to waste. I made a deal with the Bottomless Pit that he could be off the Challenge for lunches during the week, and I’ve subtracted $8 from our available total, since I think that’s about what I would have allocated to his lunch (for Monday through Friday).


Nope. No way does this make up for toasted almonds or potato chips!

Nope. No way does this make up for toasted almonds or potato chips!

I munched a couple of celery stalks, in hopes that it would replace the roasted almonds I like to nosh on between meals. Nice try, but my stomach was growling again in no time. But by 5:30, I was really hungry, and the BP wasn’t going to be home until at least 7:00, I feared. It was time to dip into the strawberry stash – which was designated as dessert tonight. So much for willpower. As that old saying goes, “Life is short – eat dessert first!” Dinner was leftover pasta sauce with whole wheat spaghetti, perked up with some slow-roasted cherry tomatoes. Salad? Nope. Bread? Nope. Just pasta. GET INVOLVED! ? Take the Hunger Challenge yourself. Sign up here. ? Read blogs by people taking the Hunger Challenge. There’s a blogroll here. ? Follow the Hunger Challengers on Twitter. There’s a listing here, or search for the hashtag #HungerChallenge. ? Learn more about the San Francisco Food Bank – and make a donation. For every $1 donated the food bank can supply hungry people with $6 worth of food! ? Follow the San Francisco Food Bank on Twitter or visit their Facebook page to see how they’re fighting hunger every day.


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