The 2010 Hunger Challenge Day 1: What a Difference the Food Bank Makes

I’m taking the San Francisco Food Bank’s Hunger Challenge for the third year – trying to feed my husband (the Bottomless Pit) and myself for just $4 each per day.



This year, I’m adding to my menu all these food items that I could have received for free at a food bank grocery pantry. Wow!

This year, I’m trying something a little bit different. I wanted to see how things would change if I had access to the foods available – for free – at a food bank grocery pantry. No, I didn’t go stand in line at one of the 200+ pantries. I wouldn’t want to take the food people so desperately need. Instead, I supplemented my week’s $56 worth of groceries (2 people x $4 x 7 days=$56) with the items a two-person household would be allotted at a pantry this week:
2.4 lbs of potatoes ($2.38 value at my local store) 2.2 lbs of cucumbers ($1.95 value at my local store) 1.8 lbs of pears ($1.78 value on sale at my local store) 1.4 lbs of carrots ($2.25 value at my local store) 2.2 lbs of tomatoes ($5.75 value at the farmers market) 2 lbs of stone fruit ($4 value at the farmers market) 2.2 lbs of onions ($2.83 value at my local store) 9 lbs of honeydew melon ($6.21 value at my local store) TOTAL VALUE $27.15
Nice, huh? It’s almost like I got an entire extra person’s worth of food this week – nearly $2 a day for each of us. I’m going to end up with a lot more fresh fruit and vegetables – but I did cheat slightly, by subbing-in an amount of strawberries equal in value to the melon, since I’m allergic to melon. Yes, this is definitely not fair, since I couldn’t do that at a pantry; you just get what’s available. But I’m telling myself it’s OK, because the food bank often gets berries when they’re in season. The truth is, I’m just not in the mood to be a poor person this year. GET INVOLVED! ♥ Take the Hunger Challenge yourself. It’s not too late to sign up, and it’s free! ♥ Read blogs by people taking the Hunger Challenge. There’s a blogroll here. ♥ Follow the Hunger Challengers on Twitter. There’s a listing here. ♥ Learn more about the San Francisco Food Bank. ♥ Follow the San Francisco Food Bank on Twitter to see how they’re fighting hunger every day.


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