2010 FANCY FOOD SHOW – POST #4: Too Good to Be True? I Hope Not!

At this year’s Fancy Food Show, I discovered a few products that seem almost too good to be true – but I hope they’re for real!
  • Xan’s Saintly Sins Collection has three filled fine chocolates that are billed as low glycemic, gluten-free (“Death to Gluten!”) and only 29 calories each. Frankly, after tasting the raspberry version, I don’t know how they could possibly pack so much chocolaty goodness into 29 calories. Wow!
  • The Numi folks say that drinking three cups of aged Puerh teas (the oldest of which can cost hundreds of dollars) for two months could help me lose up to 22 pounds and drop my cholesterol 64%. Put the kettle on!
  • Nutmeric Turmeric Almond Spreads claim they deliver turmeric (a new health darling) in a way the body can best absorb it. I thought their zippy versions of almond butter could easily become addictive – based on taste alone.
  • Winetime Resveratrol Bar claims to have 50 times the resveratrol (another of humanity’s latest saviors) contained in a glass of wine. Gives new meaning to the term “wine bar.”
  • The maker of Bread Armor Artisan Bread Bags, claims they will keep bread fresh and mold-free for up to 20 days – without refrigeration. I’m going to test this one myself.
Check back tomorrow, to see some products I’d banish to Sibera! Like what I have to say? Subscribe to my RSS feed and spread the word with Twitter!
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