“Honey, I Ate the Kids!”

After two weekends of harvest, our “adopted” Elberta peach tree at Masumoto Family Farm yielded a bounty of more than 1,000 peaches (51 cases, at about 10 pounds each). These were shared among 13 “adoptive parents” who braved temperatures of 100+ to pick our “babies.” My husband and I ended up with 263 peaches. What do you do with 263 peaches? I kept track, on a list I titled, “Honey, Where Are the Kids?” • 2 for dessert at Quady Winery – halved and added to a plate of Babcocks and Fay Elbertas from the Quady’s trees • 2 sliced over vanilla ice cream • 2 to make a Puffed Peach Pancake for breakfast • 2 grilled with olive oil, salt, pepper and Peccorino • 120 leaves used to make Vin de Peche (recipe from Chez Panisse Fruit) • 1 eaten by hand (part already nibbled by a bird?) • 2 for breakfast, sliced • 3 for dessert with vanilla ice cream • 2 for breakfast, sliced • 10 for Cobbler with Butter Cookie Dough Topping (the appropriately named Best Recipe cookbook) • 2 for breakfast, sliced • 3 for peach smoothie with yogurt, vanilla ice cream and ginger • 5 to make Peach Liqueur, with brandy, vodka, sugar syrup, lemon zest, orange zest • 2 for breakfast, sliced • 20 for peach jam • 5 for breakfast, sliced • 2 sliced and smuggled into restaurant to put on top of pancakes at breakfast • 4 Peach Galette (using this delish Plum Galette recipe) • 3 sliced for breakfast • 4 grilled (this might be our favorite way to eat them!) • 1 gobbled while the others were grilling • 3 sliced for breakfast • 2 sliced for breakfast • 3 Peach smoothie • 3 Peach Salsa (peaches, onions, cilantro, jalapenos) with pork chops • 1 tossed due to mold – ohh, no! • 1 sliced in sparkling wine • 2 sliced for breakfast • 120 leaves used to make more Vin de Peche • 4.5 to make more Peach Liqueur! • 3.5 French Peach Cake from the Joy of Cooking (An odd recipe; wouldn’t make it again) • 3 Peach smoothie with yogurt, vanilla ice cream and ginger • 2 sliced for breakfast • 14 for Peach-Basil Preserves • 16 for filling for two pies (frozen to use later) • 2 grilled, with goat cheese and smoked duck breast (inspired by the special Masumoto peach dinner at Rubicon restaurant in San Francisco) • 3 sliced for breakfast • 11 went into Peach Gelato, made and shared with our friend Sean, the gelato entrepreneur • 2 sliced for breakfast • 4 grilled for Peach Panzanella, aka bread salad, shared with the Warm Fuzzies picking team at our Post-Pick Potluck • 2 (ALAS, THE LAST 2!) sliced for breakfast. Do they make Peach Methadone?? • 135 given away to more than 50 friends, family and co-workers – we were the pied pipers of peaches!
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