Proud parents of a peach tree


Our adoption papers just arrived! After long deliberation, famed organic peach farmer Mas Masamoto – along with his family – chose my group of a dozen peach lovers to be the “parents” of one of his Elberta peach trees. We are anxiously awaiting our little bundles of joy, which are set to arrive over two weekends, at the end of July/beginning of August. But we have to work – and pay – for our peach pies, jams and daiquiris. Though cheaper than raising a human child, our tree is costing us $350 for our single year of parenthood. And we have to trek to Masamoto.s Fresno, CA, farm to pluck our little darlings from the tree. Mas and family are serious. They make you fill out an online adoption form with two essay questions: . Why do you want to adopt a tree? . What will you do with the peaches? You also have to pick a name for your group. Since it’s obvious that Mas has a sense of humor and an affinity for puns (he signs emails, “Give peach a chance”), I decided to call our group “The Warm Fuzzies.” My husband, Paul, talked me out of “The Impeachers.” I suppose he was right. Sweet peaches and sour politics don’t mix.

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