We All Scream for…Toothpaste?

I gathered a group of friends for a horizontal tasting. We pondered complex “noses.” We teased out elements of flowers, berries and chocolate. We swished. We spat. What’s so noteworthy about that? The invitation read, “BYO toothbrush.” We were testing Breath Palette toothpastes, made by a Japanese company that’s attempting to become the Baskin-Robbins of oral hygiene. Their 31 flavors span a wide spectrum, from flowers (Rose and Lavender) to fruits (Strawberry, Tropical Pineapple, White Peach) to beverages (Café au Lait, Green Tea, Cola) to sweets (Pumpkin Pudding and Bitter Chocolate). And then there’s Indo Curry, which only the brave were willing to sample. Yet, it surprised with a pleasant minty-masala finish. Rose did indeed leave our breath smelling like roses, but Bitter Chocolate disappointed – bitterly. Cola was uncannily like its namesake, but Strawberry rang artificial. Nonetheless, we were thrilled to escape the peppermint gulag of our humdrum brushing routine. Now, if they’ll just come up with something along the lines of Insouciant Bourdeaux… Available at at www.breathpalette.com; $4.49 for a .88-oz. tube or $21.99 for a five-tube kit.
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