Grasshoppers – yum!

In Washington, D.C. – a city better known for its “pork” – a new Mexican restaurant is dishing up grasshoppers. Grasshopper tacos, to be exact. The farm-raised insects, known as chapulines, are imported from Oaxaca, where they’re a popular market staple, thanks to their low cost and high protein content (as much as 77%). At Oyamel, a trendy venue headed by star chef Jose Andres, the 1.5-inch critters are tossed in a dusky sauce of shallots, tequila, garlic and chipotle in adobo. Wrapped in a soft tortilla, they make for a crunchy filling reminiscent of soft-shell crab. Although Oyamel’s chef, Joe Raffa, just intended the unusual tacos as an opening special, their status as the capital’s latest “I dare you” dish has given them…legs. Did I eat one? You bet! Oyamel, 401 7th St., NW, 202-628-1005;

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