About Us

Who’s in the kitchen & what’s cooking

Why We Cooked This Up

The idea for BeenThereAteThat was cooked up in October, 2006, at Salone del Gusto, a huge gathering of food producers and food lovers put on by Slow Food in Turin, Italy. At a dinner event, we looked around and noticed lots of people snapping photos of their food before digging in.

“Aha!” we thought, “We’re not the only travelers whose photo albums contain more pictures of food than tourist sights.”

And then we thought, “Wouldn’t it be fun to have a website dedicated to food photos from around the world?. People could post photos, compare dishes, see what others are eating and get recommendations for everything from restaurants to street food.

So, we put our money where our mouths are – literally – and BeenThereAteThat was born.

Head Chefs

Gayle Keck, Founder & CEO (Chief Eating Officer)

Gayle writes about travel and food – preferably both at the same time. She has sipped fermented mare’s milk in Kyrgyzstan, dug for truffles in Italy, savored a spice farm in India, crafted wine at Napa Valley’s “Crush Camp” and munched her way through every continent except Antarctica, which seems far too focused on frozen food.

Gayle has written for Gourmet, GQ, Islands, Executive Traveler, Four Seasons and AARP the Magazine, as well as major newspapers, including the Washington Post and Los Angeles Times. She’s visited 49 US states (sorry, North Dakota) and more than 40 countries – though her favorite trip was a flight from Chicago to San Francisco, when she met her husband on the airplane.

In past lives, Gayle was an award-winning writer at big ad agencies and also co-founded the website iCanBuy, which enabled kids and teens to shop, bank and donate online, with a unique system of parental permissions to promote learning and safety.

Gayle is a serious chocoholic (Jean Paul Hévin, please!), but would follow you anywhere if you were holding a Pierre Hermé macaron. Get a taste of her photos here.

R. Paul Herman, CTO (Chief Tasting Officer)

The only thing Paul likes to do more than eat is to take photos of food so he can remember what he ate.

To fill the empty time in between meals, Paul has been a management consultant for McKinsey and CSC, co-founded iCanBuy, and helped to find and fund social entrepreneurs at Ashoka:Innovators for the Public. He currently has his own consulting firm, HIPInvestor, which helps companies maximize their human impact to achieve higher profits (HIP=Human Impact + Profit).

Paul loves runny, stinky cheeses, but his dream job would be Truffle Hunter (he’s shown here taking a whiff of a white truffle in Italy). Get a taste of his photos here.

Serving up the code

Laitkor, Technology Providers

Many thanks to the programming and project management skills of the team at Laitkor for making this site a reality!